UMH Master Pro 2

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The UMH Master Pro 2” is our inline device for your entire commercial facility. It is being installed into your main water line of your whole commercial or industrial application.
UMH Master device (2” lead-free brass cylinder)
2” male soldering adapters
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Our manufacturer UMH Austria ensures a 5 year warranty on all water structuring devices, including a 3 months money-back guarantee for unsatisfactory use.


Enjoy natural spring water

High vibrant materials

Led-free brass, 24 karat gold-plating, rhodium-plating


Cell recovery, increased detoxification

UMH Master Pro 2

Your commercial water structuring unit for your business facilities and productions

The UMH Master Pro 2 is designed to be installed into your main water line. Due to its high flow rate it is of great use for commercial setups, apartment and office buildings, rental facilities, hotels and farming operations.  With this inline water structuring device you can increase the efficacy of your business and production. Optimize your crop yield and production efficiency while lowering your business utility expenses and maintenance cost of your water pipe systems and all appliances connected to it. The UMH Master Pro 2 is maintenance-free and no parts have to be replaced or exchanged.

Long lasting water restructuring unit, powerful and sustainable

The UMH Master Pro 2 water structuring device is made of high quality lead-free brass and constructed according to phi ratio geometry. It is fitted with 12 specifically selected gemstones and crystals, 36 borosilicate glass vials filled with special liquids, and EM ceramics. It creates a double-helix flow pattern and a highly sustainable energy field which influences the molecular structure of the water passing through. The UMH Master Pro 2 structures up to 79 gallons per minute and comes with standard 2” female threads and two 2” male pipe adapters. It needs to be installed by your local plumber.

UMH Master Pro 2


  • Whole facility water structuring unit
  • For high flow rate commercial applications, e.g.apartment buildings, hotels, productions
  • Installment into main water line by professional plumber
  • Technical improvement of pipeline system
  • Limestone elimination
  • Reduced need for laundry detergents and soaps
  • Maintenance decrease of appliances connected to water
  • Yield increase of produce and stronger defense against pests
  • Increased hydration of farm animals and plant cells
  • Elimination of vibrational pollutants
  • Improvement of cellular water and nutrient absorption capacity
  • Noticeably softer and fresher taste
  • No electricity, no chemicals, no magnets
  • High quality materials – lead-free brass, gemstone collection, EM ceramics
  • Long life expectancy
  • Maintenance-free for lifetime

UMH Master Pro 2

Area of Application

Inline Device

Inline devices are built into your water line or shower. Professional soldering is required by your local plumber; except the UMH Pure, this device comes with female threads on both sides.

For Industry

Industry devices are inline devices with higher flow rates to serve your industrial needs.
Different Gemstones
Cosmic collection of 12 different gemstones, e.g. quartz crystal, rose quartz, shungite, tiger eye, etc.
Glass Vials
36 Supercharged borosilicate glass vials with resonant vibrating special liquid on the inside
EM Ceramics

EM Ceramics (Effective Microorganisms in baked clay) are ceramics that have been fermented with powerful EM technology. EM Ceramics are known to have powerful cleansing, adhesion, ultrasonic and far infrared properties

UMH Master Pro 2

Additional Information

Thread Size: 2.0″
Length in inches: 6.22
Diameter in inches: 4.96
Water flow gal/min: 79.25
Weight in lbs: 13.51

What happens when I boil structured water?

After boiling structured water 90% of the structure will remain. The loss of 10% is insignificant; we recommend to use cold structured water, then boil it and then use it for your coffee or tea. We also recommend to structure your water first before adding tea, coffee or other ingredients. Do not run liquids through your UMH device that contain sediments! It will be hard to clean afterwards.

Can I use my water structurer for other liquids besides water?

Yes. You can use your water structuring device for other clear liquids without large sediments. Wine, whiskey, vodka, tequila and other clear alcoholic beverages are fine to use. Juices, milks and carbonated liquids are not equipped for any UMH water structuring device. When using other liquids besides water make sure to rinse your UMH device with clear water right after.

Does my water structuring device require cleaning and maintenance?

Yes. Depending on your device there is a little bit of uptake required. All inline devices are completely free of maintenance. The UMH Alpha, Live and Delta need to be maintained and cleaned 1-2 times per year.

How many times do I run my water through the stand-alone or portable UMH water structuring device?

One time is fully sufficient. If you want to, you can run it through several times which will increase the crystallinity every time you run.

What is the correct order of water filtration and water structuring

Depending on the degree of your water filtration, you need to consider the right order of processing steps. If you are using demineralized water – either by distilling it or using a reverse osmosis (RO) system, you need to remineralize your water after the filtration process.

  1. Step: Filtration; distillation or RO filtration (demineralization).

  2. Step: Remineralization; adding trace minerals by hand or using an inline remineralization cartridge.

  3. Step: Restructuring; running the water through your UMH device by hand or your installed UMH inline water structuring device.

Running your water through your UMH device is always the last step in the processing order for your clean, filtered and structured drinking water.


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