Structured Water

Why Drink and use Energized water

What is structured water?

Structured Water

Structured water is vibrationally repaired water – back to its natural spring water frequency state – where all water molecules can return to vibrating in a hexagonal grid. This hexagonal water can be received in our bodies on a cellular level and help to energize the water we are all made from.

We experience an effect of “energy net savings” when we drink and treat ourselves with structured water. Deep intra-cellular hydration is possible with energized water and may be perceived as an energy increase.

Unstructured water

Our tap water experiences many treatments and influences that destroy its natural structure before it enters our homes and other buildings. Both chemically and vibrationally our tap water is contaminated before we enjoy it.

Cleaning procedures with chemicals and long industrial distribution pipelines (high pressure, 90-degree angles, etc.) are responsible for the pollution of our water in both aspects.

Unstructured vs. Structured

The hexagonal images by Dr. Emoto also show the difference between unstructured tap water and high-vibrant structured spring water in hexagonal order.

Impact of Structured Water

Aquaporin are proteins in our cells that transport water in and out of our cells. Aquaporin proteins have positive and negative charges to ensure optimal transfer of water into our cells.

Naturally structured spring water also has polar charges (plus, minus) in such an order that it resonantes and keeps the aquaporin channels open for optimal transfer of hydrogen and increased cell regeneration. 

History of restructured and energized water

Viktor Schauberger started his research on water in Austria over 100 years ago. His patents and inventions from the early 20th century of water vortex and water energizing devices are still used in branches of today’s industry. He created the first helix flow-pattern water devices, and implemented ideas of sacred geometry, phi ratio manufacturing and vibrational resonances in his applications.

Natural structured water

Natural Water to Tap Water

What happens to the water before we can access it? (Water Cycle) All tap water and bottled water derives from a natural source. It can be a lake, river, spring, well or rain (in rare cases from desalination plants).

Hexagonal water on its way to us

Before drinking water is distributed it undergoes a process of cleaning by filtering and adding certain chemicals. This makes it chemically safer for us to use tap water on a large scale. Unfortunately there are no water facilities that do a similar processing for the vibrational side of water.

Our tap water may be harmless chemically, yet it is destroyed and polluted from a frequency aspect (vibrationally) before it enters our bodies.

How to make structured water?

1. “Do it yourself” method

You can use certain gemstone collections and place them in your water container. Vortex devices like hyperbolic funnels are another option to energize your water. Most of the simpler methods require a bit more maintenance and don’t create the same results as synergistic processes.

2. With Water Structurer

If you are looking for a professional way to restructure and vitalize your water, you can use structured water devices in several applications. 

The advantages of our water structuring devices are user friendly and easy to install devices. They can last for several decades once installed. All devices require very little or no maintenance and no parts have to be replaced over time. Synergistic effects of water restructuring are creating sustainable results for your drinking water. This way your family, home or business can enjoy energy-rich water easily on a daily basis.

Our water structurer  / structured water devices combine 7 principles of revitalizing and energizing your water. The passing water experiences vortexing (double-helix) and direct transmission of the high energy field via intensive contact.

UMH Technologies uses high-vibrant materials to build our structured water units, considering phi ratio geometry and healing pyramid energies in the manufacturing process. The insides of our water structuring devices hold harmonic gemstone compositions and resonant super crystals (liquid borosilicate glass vials).

The 7 principles of restructuring water

structured water benefits

Our favorite 4 health benefits of structured water for your life, family and environment.
This may help you to consider requiring a water structurer for yourself.

1. Cell recovery

Restructured water can increase cell recovery through the net energy savings on cellular level. Our cells don't have to process unstructured water for their use when it is already fully available in its resonant hexagonal structure. This can feel like an endurance and energy increase.

2. Increased detoxification

Water on a regular basis can help to dissipate harmful chemicals from the body and also dissonant frequencies which might create further disease. This way structured water helps as preventative health care and supports our bodies to balance and remain in a healthy harmonic state.

3. Balancing of metabolism and stress response

Energized water can help to balance your cellular stress response. Increased organ activity and improved resilience can be some of the results. You may find yourself going to the bathroom a bit more frequently than before having structured water in your life.

4. Increased bioavailability

Water is most resonant in its hexagonal and structured state. This increases the efficacy of solved minerals due to enhanced vibrational and chemical transmissions. Less of everything is necessary to create the same results. Deep intracellular hydration and optimized mineral uptake can be the outcome.

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User Guide

What happens when I boil structured water?

After boiling structured water 90% of the structure will remain. The loss of 10% is insignificant; we recommend to use cold structured water, then boil it and then use it for your coffee or tea.

We also recommend to structure your water first before processing it in any way and then adding minerals or other chemical components afterwards.

Can I use my water structurer for other liquids besides water?

Yes. You can use your water structuring device for other clear liquids without large sediments. Wine, whiskey, vodka, tequila and other clear alcoholic beverages are fine to use. Juices, milks and carbonated liquids are not equipped for any UMH water structuring device. When using other liquids besides water make sure to rinse your UMH device with clear water right after.

Does my water structuring device require cleaning and maintenance?

Yes. Depending on your device there is a little bit of uptake required. All inline devices are completely free of maintenance. The UMH Alpha, Live and Delta need to be maintained and cleaned 1-2 times per year.  

How many times do I run my water through the stand-alone or portable UMH water structuring device?

One time is fully sufficient. If you want to, you can run it through several times which will increase the crystallinity every time you run it through. One can use this feature for alchemical applications or to optimize the efficacy of hydration.

Cleaning Instructions

Fill a pot with structured water high enough to submerge your UMH water device; bring to a boil, turn off heat and wait 10 minutes to cool down. Add 6 tablespoons (TBS) of baking soda and solve in hot water. Submerge the UMH water structuring device fully and let sit for 30 minutes. Use a ladle to carefully submerge your device. Then rinse the device under running water and let dry. Reattach all parts of your UMH device and make sure you put all rubber/cardboard washers back in place. If you restructure other liquids (e.g. wine, whiskey, tequila, vodka, etc.) please rinse the device right after. Do not structure any liquids that contain sediments like fruit flesh, also no tea, coffee, milk or carbonated drinks. Please do not use harsh chemicals or vinegar to clean your UMH water device! Thank you and much Love.

UMH Alpha

Undo all parts and rubber washers. Detach the golden ball from the UMH Alpha horizontally and leave the golden nozzle attached to the Alpha stand and remove the glass funnel.

UMH Live with Travel Kit

Undo all parts and rubber washers. Detach the golden nozzle on the bottom of the UMH Live and remove the lab-grade plastic funnel.

UMH Delta

Undo all parts and rubber washers. Detach the UMH Delta main housing from the stand and remove the glass funnel.