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Structured Water

All About Energized and
structured water

What is structured water?

Structured water is vibrationally repaired water – back to its natural spring water frequency state – where all water molecules can return to vibrating in a hexagonal grid. This hexagonal water can be received in our bodies on a cellular level and help to energize the water we are all made from. We experience an effect of “energy net savings” when we drink and treat ourselves with structured water. Deep intra-cellular hydration is possible with energized water and may be perceived as an energy increase.

Structured water has antioxidant properties, even though there are no antioxidants added to the water. Structured water plays an important role in the bioactivity of various cells.

Hexagonal Water

The term hexagonal water is described as the cluster of molecules of water that form a hexagonal shape that increases the absorption of nutrients, increases cellular communication, and removes/reduces metabolic waste, among many things. It has a crystalline structure that forms when eight molecules of water combine.

In the human body, it is believed that most of the water is structured in this hexagonal manner. The molecules of water are in constant motion. Structured water recharges and hydrates the body more effectively than ordinary drinking water. Structured water is a specific arrangement of water, which exists when the water molecules are near the hydrophilic surfaces. Structured water is similar to ice molecules that are joined together by a hexagonal structure and have a single sheet layer. Structured water does not contain any toxic material and it regulates the minerals present in the soil.


Three atoms of hydrogen combined with the two atoms of oxygen, making one molecule of H3O2 – structured water. It is referred to as the fourth phase of water; it is usually called living water. Properties of this water include alkalinity, denseness, and viscousness. H3O2 is a state which is present between solid and liquid. H3O2 is considered thicker than H2O (normal water). H3O2 is considered gel water, EZ water, and vortex water. It has the ability to release and store energy.
Magnetized structured water causes a reduction in blood glucose level. In addition, it can cause a reduction in damaging blood and DNA of the liver in rats. Recent studies describe the formula of structure water as H3O2, and the formula of normal water as H2O which means that two molecules of hydrogen and one molecule of oxygen combine to make water. In the case of structured water, three hydrogen atoms combine with two molecules of oxygen to form structural water.

Difference between
structured and unstructured water

The famous Wolfe Clinic website states the difference between hexagonally structured water and unstructured water is the same as the difference between quartz and a crystal of quartz. Although both are silicon dioxide, a piece of quartz is random with an opaque appearance, while the quartz crystal has a distinct geometric shape and is a clear crystal. There is a big difference between structured and unstructured water.

What is Unstructured water?

Our tap water experiences many treatments and influences that destroy its natural structure before it enters our homes and other buildings. Both chemically and vibrationally our tap water is contaminated before we enjoy it. Cleaning procedures with chemicals and long industrial distribution pipelines (high pressure, 90-degree angles, etc.) are responsible for the pollution of our water in both aspects.

structured water benefits

1. Cell recovery

Restructured water can increase cell recovery through the net energy savings on cellular level. Our cells don't have to process unstructured water for their use when it is already fully available in its resonant hexagonal structure. This can feel like an endurance and energy increase.

2. Increased detoxification

Water on a regular basis can help to dissipate harmful chemicals from the body and also dissonant frequencies which might create further disease. This way structured water helps as preventative health care and supports our bodies to balance and remain in a healthy harmonic state.

3. Balancing of metabolism and stress response

Energized water can help to balance your cellular stress response. Increased organ activity and improved resilience can be some of the results. You may find yourself going to the bathroom a bit more frequently than before having structured water in your life.

4. Increased bioavailability

Water is most resonant in its hexagonal and structured state. This increases the efficacy of solved minerals due to enhanced vibrational and chemical transmissions. Less of everything is necessary to create the same results. Deep intracellular hydration and optimized mineral uptake can be the outcome.

Is structured water good for health?

Yes, it is. When we drink purified/structured water, we feel many changes happen regarding our skin and digestive system. Our complexion may improve, which gives us a positive sign; the water we use is structured and has many health benefits. This water contains minerals that are more suitable for human health. It gives energy to our body and enables us to complete tasks more easily; it greatly increases the health of humans.

Aquaporin & Structured Water

Aquaporin are proteins in our cells that transport water in and out of our cells. Aquaporin proteins have positive and negative charges to ensure optimal transfer of water into our cells.
Naturally structured spring water also has polar charges (plus, minus) in such an order that it resonantes and keeps the aquaporin channels open for optimal transfer of hydrogen and increased cell regeneration.

How long does structured water stay structured?

The theory states that structured water can last for a lifetime. For the survival of mankind and to perform bodily functions, we depend upon water directly and indirectly. Research has stated that structured water is absorbed by cells more easily than unstructured water. When a normal person drinks unstructured water, it cannot be absorbed as easily by our cells compared to structured water.

How to make structured water?

1. “Do it yourself” method

You can use certain gemstone collections and place them in your water container. Vortex devices like hyperbolic funnels are another option to energize your water. Most of the simpler methods require a bit more maintenance and don’t create the same results as synergistic processes.

UMH Water Structurer Function

2. Structured water with water structuring device

If you are looking for a professional way to restructure and vitalize your water, you can use structured water devices in several applications. The advantages of water structuring devices are user friendly and easy to install devices. They can last for several decades once installed. All devices require very little or no maintenance and no parts have to be replaced over time. Synergistic effects of water restructuring are creating sustainable results for your drinking water. Our water structurer/structured water devices combine 7 principles of revitalizing and energizing your water. The passing water experiences vortexing (double-helix) and direct transmission of the high energy field via intensive contact. UMH Technologies uses high-vibrant materials to build our structured water units, considering phi ratio geometry and healing pyramid energies in the manufacturing process. The insides of our water structuring devices hold harmonic gemstone compositions and resonant super crystals (liquid borosilicate glass vials).

The 7 principles of restructuring water

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