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Energized Water


Energized Water - The Foundation of Life

Increasing numbers of doctors and researchers are emphasizing the important of drinking 2 to 3 litres of water a day. In terms of the tasks it fulfils, water is much more importance than all other foodstuffs.

Pain is a sign that the body is thirsty

When we don’t drink enough water, the body reacts with pain in the form of headaches, stomach ache, heart pain, back ache or aching joints, etc. Drinking coffee, black tea and soft drinks, etc. is not enough to supply the body with the water it needs as these drinks have a diuretic effect. Many years of research in the United States have incontestably shown that stomach pains, digestive problems and joint pain, amongst others, can often be relieved merely by drinking more energized water. Try it out for yourself! Doctor and researcher, Dr Batmanghelidj, explained the interrelations very convincingly in his books on Water for Health.

Water makes you feel good and be healthy

But water is not always water! The vibrant energy contained within depends on its molecular structure. And it’s not just a question of its chemical purity or its mineral contents, but particularly of its natural structure – as if it had come straight from the spring. When water flows through miles and miles of water mains, it completely loses its natural structure due to pipe friction.

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Energized Water

Energized water

The more energy there is in tap water, the better it serves us! For just as water can take on healing, positive information, it can also store negative characteristics, or harmful frequencies, from toxic substances in our environment.
That is why hundreds of thousands of people have already attached great importance to having energized water in their own homes and readily confirm that they feel noticeably better for it. Using UMH’s scientifically tested appliances, you too can energize your water. Thanks to years of research, the energizers that we have developed are capable of restoring water with its natural quality as if it were straight from the spring.

In our UMH appliances, tap water flows through a highly effective energy field produced by specially treated fluids, precious stones, metals and other sensitive energy sources, cancelling out the negative information from the toxic substances mentioned above. Positive energy is even restored so that the water attains its original quality. Its physical structure is newly aligned with lasting effect and absorbed by the body when we drink, have a bath or take a shower.
Thus, the water we use can once again perform its life-giving tasks to the best of its abilities, also improving communication inside united cell structures.

"The secret of life and of health is to be found in water which preserves the order of things",

as biophysicist, Karl Trinker, very appropriately said in the light of his research into cell water. UMH appliances can be used everywhere without a fuss. They energize water and drinks while improving their quality. This gives you more energy and vitality. Your body cells can absorb and metabolize nutrients from your food more efficiently thanks to a reduction in the surface tension of the water. Plants and animals will also thank you by being healthier and looking more beautiful. What is more, you can save up to 50% of the expensive washing powders and chemical cleaning agents you use in your household.

A physical solution to the problem of limescale

Thanks to the different arrangement of the water molecule clusters, limescale crystals take on a new shape and lose their tendency to adhere to surfaces in heating systems and kitchen appliances, etc. In this way, the problem of limescale is solved in a very efficient yet natural way. Even existing hard deposits can be broken down and removed.
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