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Structured Water Devices & EMF Protection Devices

We invite you to be part of this great task to bring structured and clean water to our fellow people, thereby creating a more harmonized and peaceful society through raising our vibration and consciousness. Every living thing is mostly made of water. 

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Water Structuring Devices

About Structured Water 


What is structured water, the benefits and how to make structured water

Structured Water

EMF Protection

Life is Water - Love is Life

Why Belifewater?

Mission of Belifewater

As sole distributors of UMH water structuring technology for North America, we are proud to represent this patented technology that realigns water to its original geometry and structure.

We are the main importer for UMH Umwelttechnologien Austria and have several affiliates in the USA and Canada.

Our mission is to serve the US retail market together with our partners, and to build a decentralized network in North America.

The Godfather of water technology

“The revelation of the secret of water will put an end to all manner of speculation or expediency and their excrescences, to which belong war, hatred, impatience and discord of every kind. The thorough study of water therefore signifies the end of monopolies, the end of all domination in the truest sense of the word and the start of a socialism arising from the development of individualism in its most perfect form.”

Viktor Schauberger (30th June 1885 – 25th September 1958)