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Cleaning Instructions

Fill a pot of structured water high enough to submerge your UMH water device; bring to a boil, turn off heat and wait 10min to cool down. Add 6 tablespoons of baking soda and solve in hot water. Submerge UMH water structuring device fully and let sit for 30min. Rinse UMH water device under running water. Please do not use harsh chemicals or vinegar to clean the UMH water devices!

UMH Alpha

Undo all parts and rubber washers. Detach the golden ball from the UMH Alpha horizontally and leave the golden nozzle attached to the Alpha stand, remove the glass funnel.

UMH Live with Travel Kit

Undo all parts and rubber washers. Detache the golden nozzle on the bottom of the UMH Live and remove the lab-grade plastic funnel.

UMH Delta

Undo all parts and rubber washers. Detache the UMH Delta main housing from the stand and remove the glass funnel.