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Deletion Report

A report from the BIOPHYSICAL INSTITUTE in Germany by Dr. W. LUDWIG "In conclusion, this simple example shows that the UMH appliance eliminates unfavorable frequencies from water and retains positive frequencies."

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COLORPLATE® test developed by Dr. Knapp with resonance ionization images of tap water one day before and after it "has been energized in the UMH process: clearly showing that the water is still strongly energized after having been treated in the UMH appliance. This state was still clearly detectable on the second day." [...]

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Cell Membrane

A report summarizing the effects of frequency and radiation on water, and how it affects intracellular hydration (quote from the article) "It is amazing that the UMH energizing process used in these investigations managed to re-establish precisely those frequencies of 22, 44 and 66 Hz in a stable fashion in tap water which had been adversely [...]

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Bovis Tests

A German 3rd party Laboratory study into energy levels (Bovis Units) of multiple water sources, both natural and those treated with different water devices. UMH Structuring devices provide the highest energy level, above all competitors and align most with Nature’s frequencies.

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Dr. Jaehn Report

A German holistic doctor and nutrition specialist, who has been treating patients for several years with the UMH technology, gives a brief summary on his experience.

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UMH Owner Ratheiser

A short informational article about the basics of Water, its structure, and some test info graphics by Bernhard Ratheiser, the Co-founder of "Institut für Wasser- und Umweltverbesserung”.

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Tomato Experiment

This plant experiment over 2 years shows the results on 10 different tomato strains. The up to 35% increase in yield of the plants and heavier weighing fruit are a great example of the practical impact of structured Water, biologically and economically.

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