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Quantal-Fractal Image

"Quantal-fractal research and image diagnosis by Dr. Töth & DI Pfaffenbichler... the more highly structured and harmonious the images are, the higher the quality of the water and the healthier the information it contains. Impure tap water distributed under pressure through long water systems is de-structured, disharmonious and has hardly any energy. A comparison of the two... [...]

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Limescale Test

In the humans, limescale and calcite crystals can lead to increased hardening of the arteries in similar to cholesterol. 3rd Party laboratory photographs of limescale deposits in normal bottled, spring and tap water sources.   Shows how limescale and mineral deposit build-ups occur and create problems for all house Water devices

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Alkaline Water

This article describes the role of alkalinity in water and how it really affects the body. It explains the difference between alkaline and alkalized Water, etc.

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Full Analysis EMF

This is a full analysis about the functionality of the silicon dioxide discs made by UMH. It shows positive results for cell phone radiation tests on several subjects. Shows how UMH EMF Discs can relieve pain and stimulate the central nervous system.

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UMTS Radiation

This report talks about GSM and UMTS frequency used for cell phones and how the EMF Discs by UMH are helping to protect yourself against harmful radiation from these frequencies.

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Quantal Fractal EMF

These are quantal-fractal images by Dr. Töth & DI Pfaffenbichler, using the EMF Discs by UMH to influence Water that has been placed on them.

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