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1. your home

House, Family & Personal

Optimizing your entire house or selective sinks and showers. UMH also provides a portable application for active people with the Travel Kit and UMH Live.

2. your business

Wellness, Coffeeshops, Restaurants & Bars

Optimizing your place of business. Any kind of gastronomy, practitioner, therapist, office or small business can profit from the UMH inline devices. Once installed, there is no follow up cost or maintenance.

3. your industry

Farms, Hotels & Casinos

Optimizing your production and industry. Any kind of grow operation and farming, or hotels and casinos can profit from the UMH technology. Increasing yields, less maintenance of your pipe systems and all appliances connected to it, and an overall increase of customer happiness are results of structured water running through your entire factories and buildings.

Commercial Inline Devices

Under sink and on Table water structurer

Home Inline Devices

Under sink water structurer and Remineralizer

Stand-alone water structurer

For home, office and travel


Combination of water structuring devices & water filtration

About water structuring

No Electricity | No Chemicals | No Maintenance

Water structuring molecule

Water structuring

When water changes its aggregate state and turns from ice to water, or from vapor to water, it experiences exactly a structuring process in a 2-3 degree temperature window. All harmful frequencies are being deleted and the naturally aligned structured order of water is returned.

This type of water can cause a balanced immune responds and help to detoxify our bodies. We are 99.9% water on molecular basis, and depending on our age our bodies are 70-90% of water. The vibrational information and frequencies that are carried in the water will also reverberate in the body. The physical (frequency, vibration) aspect of water is just as important as the chemical one (filtration, remineralization).

How to Structure Water ?

Water structurer removes a spectrum of frequency contaminants by returning the structure of water to its original spring water quality. 

In this case we add gravity or pressure to the water, we let it spin in certain geometric flow patterns to create velocity. While it is influenced by the harmonized and resonant energy field produced by the gemstone assortments and specifically charged glass vials.

structured water Benefits

Do you cherish the healing qualities of a natural spring? Properly mineralized and structurally aligned water hydrates more profoundly and provides energy on a cellular level. When water is in its natural hexagonal state it has the ability to deliver hydrogen extremely efficient to our cells.

Results include a noticeably softer and refreshing taste, deep cellular hydration, and enhanced detoxification.  

By processing water with water structurer you are are creating a Net Energy Savings in your body. This energy savings can be experienced as an increase of overall energy in your daily life. You may also experience an increase of organ activity, and you might have to visit the bathroom a little more often than before 🙂

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The Structure of water

Of the over 2,000 water cluster combinations known by scientists, the hexagonal structure allows for the highest toxin solvability, ion energy values, and hydration capacity.

With our water structurer from UMH technology, an optimally vital and crystalline hexagonal cluster state is returned to any water source making it available again for hydration on a cellular level.

About UMH Water

Since the 1990’s, UMH has been selling their patented and refined water structuring technology which copies the principles of nature via resonant frequencies. Using Austrian-German engineering and high quality materials (24k gold, quartz crystal, borosilicate glass, etc.). UMH creates long lasting water structuring devices for your everyday use and for commercial applications. The UMH technology is based on Viktor Schauberger principles and manufactured according to phi ratio geometry, in order to create a double helix flow pattern.

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UMH Delta


UMH Master Pro


UMH Live

Versatile device for travel, shower and Faucet


Short information about water structuring

Through the influence of resonant frequencies. It changes the molecular structure by a vibrational change of information; causing the water clusters to form an interactive hexagonal grid.

The imprinted information resonates with our cells. Hydrogen is being delivered in an optimized form, making it bioavailable.

Resonant frequencies occur naturally on our earth, e.g. the Schumann resonance frequency. UMH created and uses a bio feedback/radiation device, which has the capability to program or imprint certain frequencies into the water that’s inside of the borosilicate glass vials used in all devices.

Phi ratio geometry engineering and Viktor Schauberger principle flow patterns are adding to the creation of a highly stable energy filed when the water passes through the device.
A harmonization and thereby a restructuring of water into its natural spring water state are the results.

Due to our denaturalized treatment methods the structure and vitality of water is lost. Hundreds of miles of pipe line with 90 degree angles and up to 120 psi of pressure are destroying the water’s structure entirely. On top of that water picks up all kind of unnatural frequencies along its way which are later released in our bodies when drinking it.

Up to 9 months. After treatment with UMH technology water remains in its highly vibrant structure and can withstand even high EMF exposures up to several thousand Nanotesla (US households average around 90-120 Nanotesla).

Cooking or distilling structured water will cause a decrease of the structure by 10-15%, leaving it yet bioavailable and able to cause intracellular hydration.

Demineralized water needs to be treated with small amounts of minerals (minimum of 20ppm), like full spectrum slat, fulvic acid, seawater electrolytes (Quinton, hypertonic) or trace minerals prior to the structuring process. Only then the crystallization process can work on an optimum level.


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