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We at LifeWater, LLC are dedicated to continually provide recent and relevant research articles and videos. We understand that education is essential to making the best informed choice. It is our mission to allow families and businesses convenient access to natural spring quality living Water at an affordable and cost-effective daily rate.

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Kirlian Photography in Conjunction with UMH Water Purification

Showing before and after photos of “the same person 10 minutes after having drunk 2 cups of energized water, which was prepared using a UMH stand-alone appliance. The corona is much stronger, clearly showing that energy has been strongly absorbed.”

Water Structure|

Cell Membrane

A report summarizing the effects of frequency and radiation on water, and how it affects intracellular hydration (quote from the article) “It is amazing that the UMH energizing process used in these investigations managed to re-establish precisely those frequencies of 22, 44 and 66 Hz in a stable fashion in tap water which had been adversely affected…”

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Quantal-Fractal Image

“Quantal-fractal research and image diagnosis by Dr. Töth & DI Pfaffenbichler… the more highly structured and harmonious the images are, the higher the quality of the water and the healthier the information it contains. Impure tap water distributed under pressure through long water systems is de-structured, disharmonious and has hardly any energy. A comparison of the two… clearly proves the enormous improvement in the water after the UMH ENERGIZING PROCESS. The energetically dead tap water has been transformed into a clearly structured, brightly homogenous fountain of life.”

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Lyme Test

3rd Party laboratory photographs of limescale deposits in normal bottled, spring and tap water sources.  Shows how limescale and mineral deposit build-ups occur and create problems for all house water devices. In the human organism as well, similar calcite crystals can lead to increased hardening of the arteries in conjunction with cholesterol.

Water Structure|

Structured Water Device Explained!

A quick discussion outlining the importance of structured water to biological beings and the UMH Delta Water Structuring Device.


Spirit Science 13 – The Crystal Movie

To understand how crystals work, it’s important to embody the understanding that everything is fundamentally one energy, everything vibrates together in a great unified quantum field. This comes up within almost every episode because it relates to literally everything in existence. Seeing that everything can be seen as an extension of ourselves, crystals are exactly that. They are conductors, transmuters and channelers of energy. Each one has their own geometric lattice, and thus, their own particular radiant energy.


Viktor Schauberger: “Water Wizard” The Nikola Tesla of Water and his Secret Source of Inspiration

Viktor Schauberger was to water what Nicoli Tesla was to electricity. He was a recognized genius known as the “water wizard”. But what was his well spring and source of genius? This is what he had to say subject.


Water Memory

In this video Ed Oakley uses kiniseology to demonstrate the energetic value and effectiveness quotient of 5 samples of water. Samples include water passed through Natural Action and Jivara UMH structuring devices along with water immersed in VitaJuwel Gem Water bottles. Take a look for yourself because the results weren’t what we expected! According to a study from Fenestra Research over 94% of people are dehydrated which suggests people aren’t drinking enough high quality hydrating water. Structured water provides an answer to this problem by creating water that tastes and feels great. People enjoy drinking, showering and watering their plants with structured water and as a result they are better hydrated. Structured water is better than traditional water filters like reverse osmosis, carbon block filters, charcoal filters or coconut filters because it uses physics (instead of chemistry) to energize water and neutralize all of the toxins like chlorine, chloramines, fluoride, pharmaceuticals, and more. To shop for structured water devices today visit the Structured Water Superstore at The Wellness Enterprise where you will find Natural Action Water, Jivara, UMH, the Jivara Mountain Spring, Omica Minerals, VitaJuwel Gem Water Bottles and more.… Additional information and water […]


Spirit Science

This episode is all about – you guessed it; water! Water is everywhere in our world, and one of the most important ingredients for life there is! So important, it is the principle thing that make up our very bodies! This video focuses on the amazing work of Dr. Masaru Emoto who has been a pioneer in discovering the hidden messages within water. His work has been foundational in the field of conscious exploration, and demonstrates a powerful link between human thought and how reality manifests.