Structured Water Device for Industry

Structured Water Device for Industry

Are you interested in an effective business solution for your casino, hotel, farm, brewery or bottle water factory? Structured water in your casino or hotel can improve your customer experience and lower your cost in maintenance. Using restructured water on your crops can increase yield and potency of your goods. Improve your product quality of your brewery or professional kitchen. For larger facilities we offer the UMH Master Pro 2.5” that will cover all your water needs from pool areas, to wellness spas and several hundred guest rooms – with over 100 gal/min flowrate and up to 290 psi.


  • Additional unique selling proposition for your business
  • Connecting of a large facility with only one inline structured water unit
  • Fully maintenance-free operating procedure


Best Western Hotel – Built into the main line of a 121 guest room facility

UMH Master Pro
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UMH Master Pro



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