VitaJuwel Gem Water Bottle – Five Elements

//VitaJuwel Gem Water Bottle – Five Elements

VitaJuwel Gem Water Bottle – Five Elements


AmethystChalcedonyPetrified WoodRose Quartz Ocean Chalcedony

From VitaJuwel’s ViA collection of gem Water bottles, this product comes with the Five Elements gem pod.

Traditional Chinese philosophy has developed over 5,000 years and describes life as permanent change. Each aspect of life is symbolized by one of five elements: Wood for growth, Water for reflection, earth for grounding, metal for strength and fire for passion. Following this philosophy, we have included one kind of gemstone for each of the five elements in this beautiful blend to reflect each attribute. Get your life in balance by this ancient and fascinating wisdom.

  • lead-free, durable borosilicate glass bottle
  • unique, puristic design, holds a generous 16.7 fl.oz
  • two openings make cleaning the bottle as easy as 1-2-3
  • comes with one interchangeable gempod as shown

Additional information

Weight 2.20 lbs


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