Kit: Carbonit QUADRO 120L + UMH Master 1″

//Kit: Carbonit QUADRO 120L + UMH Master 1″

Kit: Carbonit QUADRO 120L + UMH Master 1″


This kit includes the Carbonit QUADRO 120L and the UMH Master 1″. The Carbonit QUADRO is the optimum filter technology (4-cartridge device in a parallel circuit) for domestic whole-house Water filtration solutions. Four activated carbon block filter, type WFP-Select Long (sold separately), ensure clean Water at high flow rates and protection of your Water lines.

The Carbonit QUADRO 120L connects to your main Water line supplying your whole house. Behind the Carbonit QUADRO 120L you connect the UMH Master 1″. This way your whole facility has filtered and structured Water.

Includes: Carbonit QUADRO 120L, UMH Master 1″, Adapters

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Weight 66.00 lbs


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