Portable Water Structuring Devices

Portable Water Structuring Devices

for your active lifestyle

The most flexible versions of our water structuring devices. With these devices restructured water can be fully integrated into your active lifestyle. All portable devices do not require any installation unlike our For Home Inline Devices, which do need to be installed and stay connected in one place.

for Travel
Water Structuring Device

Portable Device

You don’t need to miss your structured water while traveling. Our water structuring travel device has been specially designed for travelers. It is so small and compact that it fits in every travel bag, bigger purse or backpack. The UMH Live with the addition of the UMH Travel Kit will transform into a portable handheld application. The UMH Travel Kit comes with a travel bag, a lab-grade plastic funnel and a special spigot; all adapter parts are 24 karat gold-plated.
The travel device requires maintenance and cleaning 1-2 times per year.

water structuring devices

Portable Device
Our stand-alone water restructuring devices have been designed to give you more flexible options. They do not have to be installed and are ready to use once they are set up. Whether in your home, office, practice, place of business or at events, our stand-alone water devices are portable and will provide you with energized water wherever you are. Both stand-alone devices require maintenance and cleaning 1-2 times per year. See UMH Water Structuring Device Maintenance and User Guide


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