For Home Water Structuring Devices

For Home Water Structuring Devices

Water Structuring devices for restructured Water for your entire house or under sink.

Our water structuring devices for home have been specially designed for the use in your house or apartment. Structure your water for your entire house. One single device can be used for your entire house or apartment as long as you have access to your main water line.

Undersink applications can be installed by yourself and the UMH Live can be used as an inline device for one shower or for one standard faucet (without faucet hose). Our stand-alone devices can be placed anywhere in your home. They are portable and can be used in different locations according to your needs.

whole house
structured water unit

Inline Device

Our “UMH Master Home” is an inline device and has been designed to supply your entire house or apartment with energized & restructured water. Inline device means that it will be installed (soldered in) by a professional plumber. There is no pressure reduction or flow rate decrease. It can take up to 200psi of pressure and is equipped to handle a flow of up to 23 gallons per minute. The UMH Master Home will provide structured water to all your faucets, bathrooms, showers, appliances and gardens. You need access to your main water line of your facility. This device is maintenance free and does not require any cleaning or rebuying of materials.

Undersink & shower
water structuring devices

Inline Device
These devices are the great alternative if you do not have access to your main line. The UMH Pure can easily be installed as an undersink device for one specific faucet. The UMH Live can be connected to one shower or a single standard faucet. Both devices can be installed easily and do not require professional help (plumber). They are maintenance free and both devices come with several adapters to make them fit to your individual setup.

water structuring devices

Portable Device

Our stand-alone water restructuring devices have been designed to give you more flexible options. They do not have to be installed and are ready to use once they are set up.
Whether in your home, office, practice, place of business or at events, our stand-alone water devices are portable and will provide you with energized water wherever you are. Both stand-alone devices require maintenance and cleaning 1-2 times per year.



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