Water Structuring Devices & EMF Protection Devices

Commercial Water Structuring Devices

Commercial Water Structuring Devices

Water structuring devices can increase your economic efficiency
and give you an advantage over your competition

Our commercial water structuring devices are specifically designed inline devices for your commercial use with medium to high flow rates. Whether you own a small coffee shop or juice bar, a hair salon or dentistry, a hotel, casino, production facility, farm or ranch. These devices will be professionally installed in your main water line and provide up to 115 gallons per minute flow rate and can withstand water pressure up to 280psi. They are completely maintenance free and do not require any cleaning or uptake.

for Business
Water Structuring Device

Inline Device
These water structuring devices are designed to help small businesses, practitioners, and retail stores. You can use them for your bar, coffee shop, juice bar, massage practice, dentistry, law firm, spa or small production. These water structuring inline devices can help you to improve your USP and give you an advantage over your competition. The UMH Master Home needs to be professionally installed by a plumber (soldered in). The UMH Pure can be connected individually since it has standard 3/8“ threads on both sides.

For industry
Water Structuring Device

Inline Device
These water structuring devices are designed for industrial use with high flow rates and larger pipe sizes. Up to 2.5 inch diameter pipes, 115 gal/min flow rates and pressures up to 280psi. If you want to cover your entire farm, ranch, commercial production, grow operation, bigger hotel or casino with just one device, the UMH Master Pro series will accommodate your needs. All UMH Master Pro devices require professional installation, are maintenance free and do not require cleaning or uptake.


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User Guide

What happens when I boil structured water?

After boiling structured water 90% of the structure will remain. The loss of 10% is insignificant; we recommend to use cold structured water, then boil it and then use it for your coffee or tea.

We also recommend to structure your water first before processing it in any way and then adding minerals or other chemical components afterwards.

Can I use my water structurer for other liquids besides water?

Yes. You can use your water structuring device for other clear liquids without large sediments. Wine, whiskey, vodka, tequila and other clear alcoholic beverages are fine to use. Juices, milks and carbonated liquids are not equipped for any UMH water structuring device. When using other liquids besides water make sure to rinse your UMH device with clear water right after.

Does my water structuring device require cleaning and maintenance?

Yes. Depending on your device there is a little bit of uptake required. All inline devices are completely free of maintenance. The UMH Alpha, Live and Delta need to be maintained and cleaned 1-2 times per year.  

How many times do I run my water through the stand-alone or portable UMH water structuring device?

One time is fully sufficient. If you want to, you can run it through several times which will increase the crystallinity every time you run it through. One can use this feature for alchemical applications or to optimize the efficacy of hydration.

Cleaning Instructions

Fill a pot with structured water high enough to submerge your UMH water device; bring to a boil, turn off heat and wait 10 minutes to cool down. Add 6 tablespoons (TBS) of baking soda and solve in hot water. Submerge the UMH water structuring device fully and let sit for 30 minutes. Use a ladle to carefully submerge your device. Then rinse the device under running water and let dry. Reattach all parts of your UMH device and make sure you put all rubber/cardboard washers back in place. If you restructure other liquids (e.g. wine, whiskey, tequila, vodka, etc.) please rinse the device right after. Do not structure any liquids that contain sediments like fruit flesh, also no tea, coffee, milk or carbonated drinks. Please do not use harsh chemicals or vinegar to clean your UMH water device! Thank you and much Love.

UMH Alpha

Undo all parts and rubber washers. Detach the golden ball from the UMH Alpha horizontally and leave the golden nozzle attached to the Alpha stand and remove the glass funnel.

UMH Live with Travel Kit

Undo all parts and rubber washers. Detach the golden nozzle on the bottom of the UMH Live and remove the lab-grade plastic funnel.

UMH Delta

Undo all parts and rubber washers. Detach the UMH Delta main housing from the stand and remove the glass funnel.