Carbon Water Filters

Carbon water filter solutions for under sink & counter-top

German water filter technology by CARBONIT

Carbon water filter from CARBONIT are designed and produced in Germany.

The effectiveness of CARBONIT water filters has been TÜV tested and confirmed in numerous studies and applications.The CARBONIT water filters do not contain added silver or other chemical disinfection substances.
By leaving a balanced level of dissolved essential minerals, the water retains a healthy quality and taste.

Carbonit Brand
Carbon Water Filters
inline carbon water filter

Inline carbon water filter
for home and kitchen

counter-top filter

for home and

carbon water filter cartridge

Active carbon block water filter cartridge for carbonit devices

Carbon water Filter Kits

Combination of water structuring & water filtration


for Sanuno, VariO & DUO
  • Filters up to 3,435 gal per cartridge
  • Lifespan of up to 6 months
  • Flow Rate: 67 oz / min

Inline Water Filter

  • Includes 2x GFP-9 filter cartridge
  • Filters up to 106 gal / h
  • Connects to your cold water line for one sink application

Water Filter

  • Includes 2x GFP-9 filter cartridge
  • Filters up to 31 gal / h
  • Counter-top filter


Most frequent questions and answers

Your tap water is toxic, containing many unwanted chemicals, heavy metals, and pharmaceutical residue.

They are elite baked carbon mono-block water filters. Carbon filters remove  substances such as: copper, lead, chlorine, chloroform, medication residue, pesticides, microorganisms, bacteria, fungus, DDT, lindane, atrazine, lime and rust particles, etc.

In order to exchange a filter, you unscrew the housing of the cartridge from the base with a specially designed plastic wrench. The new filter cartridge is exchanged and the housing screws back onto the base, either of your inline device or your counter-top model. All CARBONIT filters have a life time of 6 months and/or 3,435 gallons.  
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